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Northern Michigan Soap Company

Handmade Soap

Crafting has always been a love of mine. Creating, building, making… really has always brought me joy. So naturally when I made my very first batch of handmade soap back in 2009, I fell in love with the craft. In 2010, I formed Northern Michigan Soap Company. Then began the weekend craft shows, online sales, wholesale endeavors, and of course the well supporting group of friends and having store space of our own.

After a short break when I had a few of my kids, I got back to soaping and asked my friend who is a Graphic Designer to do my labels. Her interest piqued, and from there we joined forces. I taught Bethany how to make soap, and from there we grew.

We both are wives and mothers. She does Graphic Design as her first business, and is also involved in a full time ministry. And I am a stay at home/ work from home mom. All of the soap gets made right in my kitchen.

Northern Michigan Soap Company Co-Owners

Bethany (left), Sarah (right)

Making handmade soap not only is a hobby of mine, it is a way of being able to help my husband in the task of supporting our five children, as well as helps me be able to keep working on this very blog. All of the products you see listed for sale are made in my kitchen,and are packaged and shipped by Bethany and I. With every purchase, you have us on the other end of the internet smiling with excitement.

Only The Best Ingredients

Most of the soap we make is considered vegan, with the exception of our goat milk variety. We do NOT use beef tallow or lard. All of the ingredients used are not tested on animals, and are in the most natural, purest form. Our Shea Butter is organic and unrefined, and is sourced straight from Ghana, Africa. In some of our other products, like lip balms and salves we do use beeswax, which is not vegan, however it is a vegetarian way. Our beeswax is sourced directly from our family farm, and the bees are very happy and well cared for. The bees we have are only supplying our family and are not in a commercial setting.

Bethany and I stand behind our products, and we only sell what we love. So we hope that you will love it too. We have two websites for our shop. One is with Etsy and can be found HERE, and the other is a direct website you can find here at www.NMSOAPCO.com

Thank You For Your Support! You guys are the BEST!